Why is email marketing important to your business?

Email Marketing in 2020:

The use of email to market your business, stock and sales in 2020 is imperative to drive sales, strengthen customer relationships, create loyalty and build brand awareness.

Email Marketing has opened up the opportunity to communicate quickly and efficiently not only connecting buyer and seller but increasing awareness of the brand, products and services available.

A Hubspot survey states that 91% of consumers use email. That means this method of marketing presents an incredible opportunity to reach customers.

Email Marketing with us:

Have your latest stock emailed to over 30,000 recipients.

We build the emails to your requirements with everything linked back to your stock list. Not to mention the promotion we provide on our social media platforms- with over 120,000 followers on Facebook alone, we post your stock to further increase reach and sales.

Previews of existing email flyers:

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