The fact of declining print readership of newspapers and magazines won't come as a surprise to anyone who has been paying attention over the past decade or so, but the real impact can be felt when someone puts hard numbers on that trend...


Plummeting Readership

Falling Circulation

Readership of print newspapers has fallen by a staggering 25% and magazines by 19% in the last four years alone.
Overall print circulation is falling by 4% year on year according to the UK Audit Bureau of Circulation.

Media Consumption

Research shows that media consumption as a whole continues to expand but is driven primarily by the Internet and new forms of digital consumption. In total, it says the average consumer globally will spend 492 minutes, or about eight hours, consuming some kind of media this year.

Unfortunately for print publishers, out of the almost 500 minutes that people spend consuming media in the average day, only about 16 minutes is spent with a newspaper or magazine.

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