Resale Weekly

Do you have a machine sticking around you want sold?

Why not place it into our Photolisting Section in the publication?

The machine will also appear online as a Featured Listing
(right at the top of searches on all domains around Europe).
We will run the machine for 8 weeks straight in print
(in all 5 UK & European publications and online on all domains around the world).

The cost is a flat fee of £300:
no contract, no commission on sale.

For this price we can get more stock online Free of charge for the duration.
Call or email to discuss options

Machinery Trader

We offer a free call tracking number which diverts to your phone and rings as normal for the buyer. This is so you can view your calls and you know the machine sold through us when it does sell. If you do have more stock, we can get that advertised online too, free of charge.

Click here to watch a video
for more information explaining what we can do!

We have other options such as quarter, half, full pages if you have more stock you wish to push.

Tel: +44 (0)161870 3951
Mob: +44 (0)796 4903821


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