Google's Mobile Phone Bias to Leave Desktop users behind

Anyone using a computer to find information can expect a second-class service within months after Google decided to give priority to mobile users.

The changes, announced by a Google executive at a conference in the United States, will mean the creation of a “primary index” for mobile searches and a secondary index for computers and tablets that will be updated less frequently.

The number of Google searches carried out on phones overtook the numbers on other platforms last year and now account for about 60 per cent of the total.

Many out-of-date websites do not work properly on mobiles and Google does not want customers getting these “bad” hits.

This is why it is vital to have a website
that is correctly optimised for Mobile Devices!

Mobile Websites

With more and more people using their Mobile Phones, PDAs, iPhones and other Handheld Devices it is rapidly becoming imperative that you don’t lose a significant proportion of your audience that simply doesn’t want to wait to access a PC or laptop in order to browse your website and do business with you.

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