Bad experiences are the best thing that can happen to you.

Someone said to me the other day "It's ok for you-you have your won business your doing well you don't know anything"

It got me thinking about perceptions of success.Back in 2004 i was selling advertising space on a commission only basis.I was doing ok but i wasn't setting the world on fire.

I was searching around the internet looking at different things and came across a company called Impact Engine.They created flash templates that you could turn into websites they are still going but have changed what they do a little since back then

I suppose i could turn around and say the rest is history but i would be bullshitting.

I decided to do this at the worst time ever.I was going through a divorce and i was flat broke.

My car at the time was a Rover 400 not exactly a top end car i think i paid £800 and had to borrow the money off someone to buy it.

I was also in a house i owed surrounded by boxes which i would soon have to sell to keep creditors at bay.

The road has been long and hard and i'm still not at the destination and i have been lucky in that there has been people i have worked with who are amazing at what they do enabling me to do what i do.
All i know that running a small business is real challenge as you just don't know what's around the corner.There is always something that potentially could take you out.
The one thing i've learnt from everything is that the worst experiences you have in life are in a way the best thing that can happen to you.They are character building and make you look at the bigger picture.
You also realise that you never reach the destination.

You have to have the hustle ALWAYS!

So if your sat there broke- working under your stairs like i was.Thinking how am i going to survive this month.Just keep going the moment you want to quit is often just before things will take off for you!

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